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Managing Exercise Induced AsthmaManaging Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise can be a trigger for some people with asthma… but that's not an excuse to sit on the couch! Physiotherapist Brigitte Eastwood shares her tips for managing exercise induced asthma...

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Gluten Free & HealthyGluten Free and Healthy

Gluten free, and worried you might be missing out on vital nutrients?
Nutrition Consultant Sarah Elliott has advice on optimising your diet...

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ProbioticsSummer Hayfever

Yay, summer – hours spent swinging, swimming, and soaking up the sun! Sadly the silly season isn't such a fun time for hay fever sufferers. Immunologist and Allergy Specialist, Dr Andrew Baker, has some advice on minimising the harm....

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Many people associate spring and summer with allergies but the colder months of autumn and winter may still bring problems for those sensitive to indoor allergens, such as mould, pet dander and dust mites...

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Allergy DetectiveTHE AGONY OF ECZEMA

One in five Kiwi children are thought to have eczema and some families struggle with the daily challenges of managing the condition. Nikki Taula tells her story and explains why she is an ambassador for Comvita's new national eczema care campaign...

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The Global Toll of Food AllergThe Global Toll of Food Allergy

Being gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the summer pleasures of grilling outside on the BBQ in the company of good friends...

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Target Allergy Hot SpotsThe Emotional Toll of Allergy

The Green family has had a tough time over the past four years as they battled to control their daughter’s dust mite allergy, which causes life-threatening asthma attacks...

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Is it a cold or an allergy?Is it a Cold or an Allergy?

If you tend to get colds that develop suddenly and occur at the same time every year, it’s possible you actually have a seasonal allergy. Caroline Wood finds out how to tell the difference between a cold and an allergy.

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Real LifeReal Life - I have 1,200 different kinds of allergies

Katie Neale has life-threatening atopic asthma and allergies. Her asthma improved markedly after moving to New Zealand from the uK. but she still struggles with 1,200 different allergies..

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