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Cosy Homes - Out, Damned MouldCosy Homes - Out, Damned Mould!

As we head into winter, it's time to think about minimising – or ideally banishing – mould from our homes. Nelson Lebo, Eco Design Advisor with Palmerston North City Council, tells us how...

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What's in your Paint?What's in Your Paint?

Looking to tidy up your home with a fresh lick of paint? Before you break out the paintbrushes, think about the type of products you'll be using. Are they really the best choice for you and your family?...

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Allergy Friendly GardenCreating an Allergy-Friendly Garden

Spring-time … and the garden is calling. But the great outdoors isn't always a happy place for allergy sufferers. Asthma, hay fever, contact dermatitis, rashes and blisters can all be triggered by the most benevolent looking plants. Happily, landscape architect Janet Luke has tips for creating an allergy-friendly garden everyone can enjoy...

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Experts recommend HEPA-filtered vacuums for people with asthma and allergies. Caroline Wood finds out why...

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When Pets Make You SickDon’t Monkey About With Mould

One in three New Zealand homes has a mould problem, which can cause serious health issues in sensitive individuals. Caroline Wood looks at the best ways to prevent mould in the home...

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When Pets Make You SickWhen Pets Make You Sick

Cat and dog allergies can be difficult to diagnose because of their close link to dust mite sensitivity. Caroline Wood goes in search of answers for why our furry friends can make us sneeze...

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Healthy Home Renovating GuideHealthy Home Renovations

Choosing the right allergy-friendly products when renovating your home can help improve your family’s health. Caroline Wood looks at some ways to reduce the risk of allergies and asthma...

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Target Allergy Hot SpotsTarget Allergy Hot Spots

Deep cleaning your home regularly is essential for banishing allergens and reducing your family’s exposure to them. Caroline Wood offers some ideas for targeting allergy hotspots.

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Is it a cold or an allergy?Allergy-Friendly Cleaning Products

More people are turning to natural cleaning products or making their own. As well as thinking about what and where to clean, consider how you are cleaning. Many cleaning products contain chemicals and strong fragrances that may irritate your skin or cause allergies.

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