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Searching for the Perfect Allergy Free Chocolate Cake

Shari Hammond spent several months testing chocolate cake recipes to find the best allergy-free version for her son Zac’s first birthday. Now the mum-of-two wants to share her experience (and successful recipe) with other families. Caroline Wood reports.

Allergy Free Choclate CakeMaking a birthday cake for your little treasure’s birthday is stressful at the best of times but when your child is allergic to a heap of different foods, it becomes an almost impossible feat, as Shari Hammond, 36, from Tauranga, knows only too well.

Shari wanted to make a ‘normal’ chocolate cake for her son Zac to celebrate his first birthday with friends and family. But Zac has a lot of allergies so his cake had to be gluten and wheat free; dairy free; egg free; nut free and soy free.

Shari, who is also mum to three-year-old Stella, spent four months testing recipes and searching the internet for ideas. She struck gold with her Chocado cupcake recipe (see right) – it’s simple to make, free from most food allergens and tastes delicious.

Zac was referred to an Auckland allergy specialist last September. He blood-tested positive for severe allergies to nuts, tree nuts, egg, wheat and dairy and moderate allergy to sesame. Shari and her husband Paul bought an adrenaline pen in case Zac suffers a severe allergic reaction.

Shari explained: “Basically Zac’s has had trouble from birth, firstly skin problems – eczema, cradle cap, skin infections – in the first five weeks and he was unsettled at night. He would wake up three times on a good night and on a bad night I would be up with him between four and five hours.

“I breastfed Zac for a further two months and excluded allergens from my diet and his. It meant we were living on fruit, veges, meat, rice and corn products. It sounds quite limiting but there are loads of alternatives. It just takes a lot of preparation and reading the back of packets.

“It sounds silly, but one thing I wanted to do was to create a tasty and perfect chocolate cake for Zac’s first birthday. It took months of research and testing but mission accomplished! We celebrated Zac’s birthday with a party earlier this year, and the ‘Chocado’ cupcakes and birthday cake were a hit with the children and parents. No one realised when tasting them, that they were allergen free.

“It would be great if I could get this recipe out to as many households, schools, child care centres, caterers, cafes and restaurants as possible, so they can try it for themselves.”

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Issue: Spring 2013