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The Global Toll of Food AllergyThe Global Toll of Food Allergy

Food allergy has emerged as an unanticipated ‘second wave’ of the allergy epidemic following the rising global burden of asthma, rhinitis and eczema. Food allergies and eczema are now two of the most common chronic non-communicable diseases in children worldwide.

Despite the widespread prevalence of food allergies, many countries lack quality data on their prevalence and impact.

A recent global survey looked at existing data on patterns of food allergy among children in 89 developed and developing countries. It showed a worrying rise in the number of children with food allergy.

In some developed economies, one in 10 infants has a challenge-proven Ige-mediated food allergy, following a significantincrease in the past decade. Similar trends are now apparent in the developing countries of asia and other regions. For example in China the prevalence of proven food allergy is around seven per cent in pre-schoolers, comparable to reported prevalence in european regions.

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Issue: Autumn 2014