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I was struggling with my son's eczema. I had excellent support from my GP and kindy but it was hard. It got really bad when Lucas was two years old and lasted until he was about four. He didn't get it all over – it was patches on his arms, legs and buttocks – but it would ulcerate, bleed and get infected. We used to have to peel his pyjamas off him. "We tried everything: creams, steroids, wet dressings, antibiotics, all the products they suggest. We changed our diet and stopped milk for a while. Hydrocortisone creams had an element of working but I always felt like it was a band aid but it never addressed the underlying causes."

Four years ago Nikki Taula, from Tauranga, was desperate and at a low point. Her son Lucas, then three, was having a tough time of it, he was getting infections from the eczema sores and Nikki would need to bandage his arms and legs to protect them.

Nikki happened to attend the same Tauranga kindergarten as Comvita's clinical eczema advisor Heidi Darcy, who recommended she try a new medical honey-based product (Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel) to see if it would help the sores to heal.

"I met Heidi at kindy when Lucas was about three and a half. She told me there was a new product and did I want to try it on Lucas? I did and it had an amazing result. I also used the eczema cream on his arms and legs. He is now seven years old and much better but if it starts to flare I will still use the cream. I have to say the Comvita products came at such a good time because I was just desperate...

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Issue: Spring 2014