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Managing Exercise Induced AsthmaManaging Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise can be a trigger for some people with asthma… but that's not an excuse to sit on the couch! Physiotherapist Brigitte Eastwood shares her tips for managing exercise induced asthma.

Exercise is vital for our total body health and wellbeing. Having exercise induced asthma just means you need to find a form of exercise that doesn't affect you as much. Be prepared and monitor the way you breathe while exercising.

First up, some things to remember:

Because of the prevalence of asthma in New Zealand, and the similarity of symptoms, it is easy to see how exercise induced asthma is often the first diagnosis people think of.

What can you do if you have exercise induced asthma?
Firstly make sure you get your asthma under control.

You can also:

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Issue: Autumn 2016