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Eczema - Soothing the Summertime ItchEczema - Soothing the Summertime Itch

The warmer weather and increased exposure to UV light can bring welcome relief to some eczema sufferers. But for others, rising temperatures can herald a worsening of symptoms.

Summer can be both a good and a bad time for eczema, says Dermatologist Dr Steve Helander. “Many patients do benefit from some careful sun exposure and relaxation during time at the beach.

“However the eczema may get worse due to heat, sweating and tight clothing or due to exercise in hot conditions over summer. Also with such sensitive skin, it is possible to react to sunblock.”

Excessive sweating and then over-washing the skin afterwards, can also aggravate the eczema by drying the skin, he says. “And occasionally eczema may be aggravated directly by sun exposure, in which case it often appears on areas directly exposed to the sun, for example the face and upper chest.“


To alleviate discomfort during the summer months:

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Issue: Spring 2017