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Springtime SurvivalSpring-time Survival

Spring, it’s the season of promise. With winter behind us we can start to look forward to longer days and better weather. But for the 20% of New Zealanders who suffer from hay fever, spring can signal the start of months of sneezing, itchy eyes and a streaming nose. So what’s the best way to cope?...

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Creating an Allergy-friendly GardenCreating an Allergy-friendly Garden

Spring-time… and the garden is calling. But gardens aren’t always the happiest of places for allergy sufferers. Asthma, hay fever, contact dermatitis, and rashes can all be triggered by the most benevolent looking plants. Happily though, with a bit of know-how, you can create an allergy-friendly garden everyone can enjoy...

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Eczema - Soothing the Summertime ItchEczema - Soothing the Summertime Itch

The warmer weather and increased exposure to UV light can bring welcome relief to some eczema sufferers. But for others, rising temperatures can herald a worsening of symptoms...

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Head Lice - Dealing With NitsHead Lice - Dealing With Nits

Nits, head lice, kutus, cooties … whatever you want to call them, these little biters are the bane of parents’ lives. Many of us have spent a small fortune trying to find ‘the cure’, and more hours than we can count combing and cajoling, hoping we’ll manage to banish these mites once and for all...

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