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ECZEMA - Scratchy KidsGetting Children Off to a Good Start

We asked Rebekah Paddy, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Director of Mother-Well Holistic Health in Auckland, for some natural health advice on getting children off to the best start health-wise, and what role good digestion and gut health play in keeping kids healthy.....

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Public health guidelines, paediatricians and allergists in many countries, including New Zealand, have previously recommended avoiding foods that cause allergies (such as peanut) in an infant's diet...

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Busy mum-of-two Shari Hammond explains the challenges of catering
for her son's gluten, egg, nut and dairy allergies. ..

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Probiotics and the ‘Allergy Free’ Child

Malaghan Institute of Medical ResearchIt sounds too simple to be true. Take a probiotic in pregnancy and protect your unborn child against eczema and possibly other allergic diseases, such as asthma and hay fever.

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Malaghan Institute of Medical ResearchCow’s Milk Allergy in Infants

Experts estimate about 1 in 50 babies are allergic to cow’s milk, making it one of the most common food allergies in infants. Caroline Wood talks to one mum about her experience

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Dangers of Asthma Highlighted

AnaphylaxisSometimes parents need to make a fuss to keep their children out of hospital, according to the Asthma Foundation.

It is estimated that every year in New Zealand 550,000 school days are lost due to asthma. One in four of our tamariki (children) have the condition, and one in six adults – the second highest rate of asthma in the world after the UK.

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Autumn AllergiesDoes my child still have an allergy?

Parents often worry about the idea of intentionally exposing their child to a food they have previously reacted to - in some cases with a life-threatening anaphylaxis. Caroline Wood went to Wellington hospital to learn about the ‘oral challenge’ allergy test...

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Back to school allergy guideBack to school allergy guide

Starting at preschool or school can be a worrying time if your child has a severe allergy. Putting a plan in place before they start will help, as Caroline Wood explains...

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