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One million New Zealanders are thought to suffer from an allergic condition, with more than 90,000 having a life-threatening allergy.

Many people have more than one allergy at the same time, for example hay fever and asthma, or food allergy and eczema.

Our readers are trying to find relief from allergy, whether it is a mild case of seasonal hay fever to a life-threatening anaphylactic food reaction. They want simple, trusted information that lets them take control of their allergy.

Our target market is anyone who has an allergy, particularly families with children or young adults. Allergies often run in families, so mum may have seasonal hay fever and dust allergies, while her child may have asthma or a serious food allergy. LIVING WITH ALLERGIES offers advice for all ages and stages in life.

We believe this to be a growing market. Recent studies demonstrate a doubling in some allergic conditions, such as hay fever and eczema, as well as anaphylaxis. Even mild allergic disorders can have a negative impact on quality of life. In children these disorders affect sleep, impair learning and can be extremely stressful for families.

Access to information is one way to ease the burden of allergy. LIVING WITH ALLERGIES aims to do just that-by providing practical information, the latest research and easy-to-understand tips for daily management.


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